Do you want the power & security of the Tropical Cloud, but still host your emails locally?

We have a solution for that! Tropical Cloud Mail Protection.

The way it works is simple. All your email becomes filtered through our scanners and checks to make sure you get nothing but real email and virus free files; plus a number of other benefits.

Powerful Antivirus scans - in up to 5 ways!

Multiple antivirus engines & scans significantly reduce the time required to obtain the latest virus definitions, enabling a faster response to the latest threats and thus a greater security of your systems. Since every antivirus solution has different ways of detecting viruses, you gain maximum protection for your network.

Hold Mail for Outages, and keep emailing... that's redundancy!

Need us to hold your mail for a while? We can hold mail for 4 – 21 days on our service if your internet connection or server goes offline for whatever reason (power outages, server failure, moving offices). Even better; Log into to our console and email from the console while your main server is down so you don’t have to stop working. Once your mail server comes back online it will sync everything back down. The best part is, your user account login will be the same as the one you use with your own server (no more passwords to remember).

Powerful enterprise grade anti-spam

Our solution uses multiple antispam filters and checks that combine advanced technologies and techniques to provide a spam capture rate of more than 99% with a minimum of false-positives, to make sure that important emails are delivered every time.

Powerful Enforcement of email content policy

User-based email content policy enforcement allows you to control content that enters and leaves your company via email. You can control email by real file type, dictionary keyword checks and regular expression checks, helping to protect your company from accidental or malicious data leaks while assisting with compliance efforts.

...And More

  • Highly accurate and adaptive spam detection
  • always available, easy to use and extremely valuable - 24/7
  • Filter inbound and outbound SMTP traffic
  • web-based control panel for access from anywhere
  • individual Hosted junk mail quarantines
  • Message logging and search
  • Fine tune the filtering on a per-person, per-domain, or per-organization basis, or simply “set it and forget it.”
  • Optional integrated archive (check our Tropical Cloud Mail Archive)

If you would like to know more – call us on 08 8922 0000.