Cloud Desktop

The Tropical Cloud Desktop is your server & computer in the cloud. Access your desktop from home, the office or at a conference. While looking & acting like a normal computer, behind the scenes a lot more is going on; such a cost savings, disaster recovery, business continuity, mobility, and improved staff productivity.

The idea behind cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service like the Cloud Desktop is that they provide the same features, tools and ways of working as traditional IT, but they are physically run in another location - which allows you to run smarter, safer, cheaper and with massive ability to scale.

We charge per user, per month for the Cloud Desktop, meaning your IT costs reflect the size of your business. You can access the cloud desktop from computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones & thin clients at anytime, anywhere in the world.

How does the cloud desktop work?

The below video gives a brief look at how the Cloud Desktop works.

Key Features

  • Microsoft Office 365 included (Office, Email, Skype, Sharepoint, and more)
  • 30GB of storage per staff member (pooled for the organisation)
  • Inbuilt web filter
  • Backed up 4 times a day
  • Fully customizable
  • Staff cannot make changes (no illegal software or inappropriate content)
  • Install any of your business applications
  • Fully managed by Tropical Business Solutions
  • File Sharing tools, straight from your network drive.
  • No need for servers in your office, or computers!
  • Monthly billing (no large capital outlay for hardware)
  • Have staff working from multiple remote locations


Financially Economical

Save on Capital Expenditure and improve cash flow by purchasing IT services on a PAYG model. Save money on the soft, or ‘hidden’ cost of IT by taking advantage of our fully managed services.

Never pay for office outright again! Pay only per number of users per month.

The risk of server or hardware failure is no longer yours.

Improve Productivity & Easily work remotely

Improve your workforce’s productivity allowing them to share applications, and collaborate on company data more effectively, all while allowing them to also work remotely wherever they are in the world.

Backup & Recovery

Ensure the security of your data by taking advantage of our state of the art backup and recovery options to enrue your IT services are always available!

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