Monthly maintenance of computers & servers is an essential service that helps to, not only prolong the lifetime of IT assets, it also helps the performance and reliability of your IT equipment.

Server Maintenance

As the server is the lifeblood of any office these days, it pays to have regular monthly maintenance performed on them. Maintenance occurs after hours, remotely from Tropical Business Solutions offices. In addition, we also monitor your server LIVE Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4.30pm to make sure it is fully operational.

ALL Managed Servers that have maintenance performed now have Tropical Business Solutions Managed Antivirus installed on them. Definitions are updated constantly, and this service allows us to constantly monitor for viral activity on your servers. We have included this extra service free of charge!

Monthly Server Maintenance includes;

  • Defragmentation of all the server hard drives.
  • Manual Virus Scan of all hard drives including network shares.
  • Update Operating System
  • Update Antivirus Software
  • Check the servers operating systems services to confirm all are fully functional
  • Check free disk space on server hard drives, and perform actions if space is insufficient
  • If applicable check exchange server software and logs.
  • If applicable check backup software and logs
  • Perform complete checks on server logs
  • Perform checks on security logs
  • Restart server and confirm all services are back online fully.
  • Check all other misc. operations of the server to confirm all are fully functional and perform preventative measure should any problems be noticed by technician performing maintenance.
  • LIVE monitor of server, and services running on the server, from our offices. 

Site Maintenance

Site maintenance is performed on site and includes computers, printers, network hardware & other peripherals to ensure reliability, prolonged lifespan & effective use of I.T. resources within an organization.

  • Computers will have the latest updates installed for Office & Windows Microsoft Applications
  • The system log will be reviewed for major or minor problems.
  • The user of the computer will be asked if there are any problems with their operation of the computer.
  • Disk Defragmentation will be performed or scheduled to be performed after hours and automatically shutdown the computer once complete.
  • Antivirus programs updated, logs checked and depending on the time since the last antivirus scan, a manually executed virus scan completed.
  • If applicable, UPS tested to check software / hardware configuration.
  • The following checks will be completed briefly on every computer
    • Check RAM installed
    • Check Free Disk space on computer.
    • Installed Programs (check for programs that need to be installed / uninstalled)
  • Check for software / applications that should not be installed on the computer. This check specifically localizes SPAM / Virus / Spyware / Rouge Software installed by client’s employees.
  • Complete site overview for I.T. operational status / Supplies / etc. (This includes printers, scanners and other such appliances on the computer network.
  • A complete report to the sites contact to confirm that maintenance is complete and give an overview of operational status.