How wine can help define what you do so you can grow your business

Sep 13, 2016

Red Wine HelpsHaving your elevator pitch down gives your business a clear & defined purpose that a surprising number of businesses don’t have. Once you have that defined goal, building systems and platforms that save time and money - while minimising risk - becomes easy and you have a much greater chance of a successful outcome. To illustrate my point, I want to share how Tropical Business Solutions got her elevator pitch.

Define what you do or die

Personally, I struggled with briefly describing what we did when we changed to Tropical Business Solutions from Tropical Computers. Technically we covered so much ground that the idea of what we sold was simple, but I just didn’t know how to put it into words in under 20 seconds. So, on a Saturday night with a bottle of red wine & a cigar, I had a date night with Tropical Business Solutions (it was our first since her name change just after it had happen) and we found our elevator pitch. The brief I landed on was simple but specific:

“My company (Tropical Business Solutions) helps small medium business run their communication, technology & admin smarter and with less effort through automation and connected cloud systems.”

What I realised from the process was we weren’t a tech company, we weren’t even consultants. We were partners & educators. Sure, we had a support team and we still do tech work, but the business as a whole had become more than that. It had changed.

Change to meet a goal should be embraced with open arms

The expansion, or follow up conversation of my “20 second first impression” I decided to work on as well while I was still spending that night with Tropical to better define the idea of what we do for our clients:

“While most IT companies focus on a single “platform” or element to a client’s business, our (Tropical Business Solutions) approach is to focus on how our client company actually works as a whole and identify areas for automation and integration. We create end-to-end-solutions that considers a client’s communication, technology & even administration elements and build them into a single smart solution that ultimately free up man power to generate more income or build more business while minimising risk of human error or technology failure. What kind of issues are you facing right now as you grow your business? We provide free overview’s if you’d like us to get one done for your business.”

Essentially I was talking about helping business towards larger ideas and into areas that they don’t necessarily know that well and may have been afraid of (new ideas can be daunting!).  It became obvious that I needed a way to educate new and existing clients, we needed a new platform to communicate and I needed it to work whether they operate best on a social site, via email, written word or video. And that is exactly what we did.

To succeed you have to know what you are working towards

Just taking the time to polish my elevator pitch was all it took to push new change within the business and clarify, for me, what I needed to do in my business to ensure success. You’d be surprised the number of new clients we talk to, who have a difficult time defining what they do; and further, what they really want to achieve with us because of that. Clear goals and clear definitions of what you do are critical to business growth… without them you have no way of building a successful long term solution for your business.

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Daniel Ladlow


Director at Tropical Business Solutions