How to make your smartphone battery last longer

Sep 26, 2016

Mobile Phone BatterySmartphones are horrible at keeping their charge and often rapidly become worse even in their first year of life; but it may not be all their fault.

Turns out Lithium-ion batteries (the type you find in smartphones & tablets) are sensitive to stress and changing the way we charge them could extend their life.

In this blog post we want to look at changes you can make to extend the life of your smartphone battery.

Don’t keep it plugged in when it’s fully charged

Once your smart device reached 100%, it starts to trickle charge to keep it at 100%; however, this stresses the battery long term which wears down the chemistry within the battery.

Obviously the biggest offender here is charging the phone overnight; instead try;

  • Charging the phone first thing in the morning while you are having breakfast, shower & getting dressed
  • Doing a work out
  • Watching TV

(If you need it to charge as fast as possible put it in flight mode while doing this… but try not to fully charge).

Don’t charge to 100% & try mini charges throughout the day

Li-ion batteries don’t need to be fully charged, it’s actually better not to because the high voltage stresses the battery – again wearing it away over the long term.

It’s actually better doing small pit stop charges throughout the day to minimise stress on the phone; so plugging in and out all day is perfect for them; keeping the battery performing better longer and your phone charged throughout the day.

So instead of trying to fully charge your phone, try doing pit stops throughout the day;

  • Using the USB port in your car or truck to charge while driving.
  • Using the USB port in your laptop or computer at work to charge while you are at your desk.
  • Don’t charge overnight or in one big session.

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Daniel Ladlow


Director at Tropical Business Solutions