Migrating to Xero is quick and easy

Aug 17, 2016


Migrating from one accounting package to another has historically been… intense. But that’s all changed with Xero. Migrating whatever financial system you have (QuickBooks, MYOB, excel document’s, etc) is relatively seamless and no longer needs to happen at end of financial year to be clean.

When migrating to Xero the following occurs:

  • Up to 2 years of transactions can be migrated over to Xero
  • Full current & previous financial year transactions & payroll is moved over (and setup).
  • Checks are made between the old system & new to ensure transfer of data is correct & accurate.
  • Templates (Invoice, Quote, Payslip, etc.) are re-created from your previous system into Xero.

All that’s needed is:

  • A 3-day window where we can perform the migration. (We can setup a temporary work around so you can still make new invoices in that period).
  • A “end date” where transactions end in your previous accounting system & start in the new one. (This may need you to get your accounts up to date to that deadline – something we can help you with as well)

XeroAfter the migration is complete, we will do a hand over to you and give you training on how to use Xero.

Tropical Business Solutions is a Xero Silver Partner. Are you ready to make the move with your accounts cloud-ward with us?

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Daniel Ladlow


Director at Tropical Business Solutions