Is the cloud more secure?

Sep 29, 2015

Cloud has you coveredIt’s a question that so many clients ask when they first consider moving into the cloud onto platforms like the Tropical Cloud Desktop. But in what might first seem to be a counterintuitive twist, cloud environments are more secure than computer networks within your own business. Here are 5 things to consider;

Security from Hackers & Viruses: A server in your office has only a water pistol to protect it

Whereas cloud service providers have whole armies protecting them. Their reputation is everything, and so it’s in their best interest to have some significant money and resources invested in the security of your data; definitely more than most IT budgets would allow for security protection in small business.

Redundancy: Backing up Backups!

I am not just talking data backup; although they certainly have that in spades. But actual physical backup servers ready to take over in case the server you are using fails for whatever reason. And that is a real concern, can you imagine if Facebook ran on a single, or even two servers and their hard drive failed? Uptime is king in the world of cloud… as it should be.

Employee Flexibility: Scale up or down, Protect from disgruntled employees, work from anywhere.

Staff are the biggest and most unpredictable element to any business… right next to cash. Enabling staff to get to work quickly, anywhere, is going to directly have an effect on your cash flow. Have new staff members setup in minutes with everything… that’s worth a lot to business. Even more important, disgruntled employees access can be revoked at any moment, protecting your business.

Keeping current: How old is your tech, really?

Servers don’t have a long life span. Nor really do computers, laptops. Anything in tech... keeping current with servers or computers can be a MAJOR part of any business budget; not to mention the risk and downtime associated with migrations to new equipment and software – all very costly. But important to ensure you don’t lose data or billable time due to hardware failure. Cloud providers take on that capital cost and risk… which is great news.

Forever Online: Keep working, even if your office is off the grid.

If your office loses power, internet, or is destroyed in a fire, you are still able to work. Portability isn’t just convenient, it’s critical to ensuring the longevity of your data; and your business.

The Cloud has a lot to offer, and the above are only a few reasons Tropical Business Solutions has invested so heavily in our Cloud Products including Tropical Cloud Desktop. If you'd like more information or a free audit and quote, please contact us or call 08 8922 0000.


Daniel Ladlow & Sonia Malady
Tropical Business Solutions 

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