Tropical Cloud: FileStorm

Aug 30, 2015

Tropical Cloud: FileStormWe are very excited to announce a new service on the Tropical Cloud: Filestorm – Free for existing Tropical Cloud Desktop users.

The idea of “FileStorm” developed after seeing users struggle with Google Drive and DropBox and their various shortcomings – double handling files and putting more effort than they should to share large files with their clients. This is our solution to make your work day simpler, easier and ultimately more productive. Why not share files directly from where they live?

Filestorm is a service that allows you to access your network drives from your Tropical Cloud Desktop on your devices through mobile apps, a web portal and a desktop sync tool. You are also able to share files with 3rd parties easily.

Filestorm also has the ability to back up to a Tropical Backup service beyond your Tropical Cloud Desktop network drives, and allows for large scale backups at relatively cheap prices; while having the same sharing capabilities as you achieve with Tropical Cloud Desktop network drives (great for sharing large images with clients).

What makes Filestorm a truly powerful tool is HOW it performs these functions;

  • Sharing files or whole folders with external parties via a link (Share with a contractor, accountant, client, etc). This sharing capability is incredibly powerful with the following abilities;
    • Expiring links after number of accesses or time expiry
    • Full audit of when and who has accessed files
    • Lock files to 3rd parties with a username and password
    • Whole folders are shared as “mini sites” so users can see all files.
    • Access your files in any way
      • Access network drives directly on your mobile phone or tablet – and upload files in the same way (great when in meetings)
      • Web Portal to see all files – with preview and basic editing in the browser.
      • Sync’ personal drives with your local computer – so you can access files anywhere (locally or on the cloud desktop)
      • Security access users have to files still apply when they access it through Tropical Cloud FileStorm, as it would through the Tropical Cloud Desktop.
    • Backup files beyond the Cloud Desktop
      • Sometimes large repositories of files don’t make sense to keep on the cloud desktop (like desktop publishing or video editing) – but should definitely be backed up – using FileStorm, we can now do this, and cheaply!
      • Sharing large files with clients can be cumbersome – after a file has been sync’d and backed up to FileStorm, you can easily share it with clients. Best of all the backup servers on FileStorm are fast, so your client will be able to download the file quickly.

Tropical Cloud Filestorm is a free service for existing Tropical Cloud Desktop Clients. Just log a job to have it enabled for your staff (we will only enable access to drives you want us too) and we will forward you all the details you need.

If you'd like more information - or would like to get activated for your business - call 08 8922 0000 or email us.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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Daniel Ladlow


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