Windows 10 is here, almost.

Jul 24, 2015

Get Windows 10Windows 10 is a free upgrade to all users using Windows 7 or 8 (and 8.1); and you have likely seen the screen to the side saying that software deployment will be deployed after July 29th.

The thing is, that’s a lot of computers that need to be updated at once and Microsoft wants to stagger the roll out over a month so it’s smooth for everyone involved (including Microsoft’s servers physically deploying the updates to the whole planet).

What you can expect from Windows 10 Upgrade

At some point on or up to a month after the 29th you will be notified of an update to Windows 10 that is ready to go on your computer; and about 3GB of files will have been downloaded from the internet for the installation.

What you can expect to not see at the Windows 10 Upgrade

Cortana won’t be ready for Windows 10 in Australia at launch; though it should only be a month or so before it’s turned on. The reasoning for this is that they are tailoring the virtual assistant for each country so it’s better received and designed for local customs and phrases "G'day Cortana?".

Do you have to upgrade, or should you?

Windows 10 has been heavily tested, and seems solid. That said, there are always glitches with new Operating Systems on older hardware… and a new OS is always going to be major surgery. If your computer is mission critical, waiting might be safest… and when you are ready to upgrade, do a full backup of the computer first. Tropical Business Solutions are always here to help as well.

What else you can read...

We wrote about Windows 10 more in a post earlier in June – if you missed it you might want to give it a once over here.

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