Security Threat Level: Flash

Jul 11, 2015

Adobe ExploitEarlier this month you may have heard that an Italian Surveillance Software company called "Hacking Team” was… ironically… hacked with a lot of that company’s source code being leaked to the internet. The software company sells their Da Vinci surveillance software to law enforcement agencies around – essentially enabling those government agencies to hack whomever they want.

With their source code being released to the internet, some major software exploits that this company were using with their software have come to light, and hackers online have already started to use them.

Vulnerable Software

Principally Adobe Flash was being used through three or more exploits which would allow people to install software onto your computer without your knowledge – for monitoring or data theft. This is obviously a very serious vulnerability; and Adobe has since acknowledged this – and has since released patches and continues to work on new patches in an attempt to fix all the vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also been found to be vulnerable with an elevation-of-privilege security flaw that was highlighted as being used by Hacking Teams software as well. Microsoft is also patching this; thought they have stated that it is a limited risk as – on its own – cannot allow an adversary to take control of a system.

Moving Forward, Fixes & Updates

As these giant software companies have already released fixes, we would recommend that you deploy these updates as soon as possible; and install any future patches to further secure your system as they are released.

Any Tropical Business Solutions clients using the Tropical Cloud Desktop are already safe – updates are applied to this platform as soon as we have them. Also managed services clients, or clients using the Tropical Agent (Antivirus & Management Tool) are covered in a similar fashion.

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Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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Daniel Ladlow


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