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Jul 24, 2015

Getting Started Account - Employee Management ScreenWe all know that HR is valuable… it’s the backbone of business. BUT, it can be the most time-consuming thing in business if you let it. And missing contract expiry dates, misplacing conflict resolution documentation, and poor records can end up hurting business badly. So… short of employing a full time HR person or department – how can you take control?


Automated software platforms are worth their weight in gold here to automatically;

  • Create employee award and executive contracts from templates backed up by leading lawyer firms.
  • Keep you updated on Modern Awards (FAQ’s, changes, etc.)
  • Keep a full history on staff & generate documents from templates (emails, conflict resolution, training, HR letters etc.)
  • Company Policy Portal & Employee Self Service Portal
  • Work Health & Safety Safeguards & Management (logging, automated forms & processes).
  • Poor Performance Management & Termination Process to protect your company
  • Hiring step-by-step processes, including integrations into platforms such as your payroll and seek websites (automatically download candidates, and their documents).
  • Control Contractors (Required documents for your insurance, control your grievance and compliant investigations with contractors)
  • Alerts so you never miss a deadline again (Staff license expiring? Contract Due for renewal?)
  • Automated workflows so that you or a fellow staff member never misses a required step of staff on boarding or other process.
  • And much more!

For a company of up to 10 users, you are looking at about $49 monthly. If you were to consider the amount of time that you save automating your HR administration – using a bit of technology to control your HR becomes a no brainer.


Tropical Business Solutions is an enableHR partner, and we use the software ourselves internally. As a partner, we set you up, we integrate into Xero, and we give your staff training – all you need to do is give us a call and we’ve got it from there.

If you'd like more information - give us a call on 08 8922 0000 or contact us.

Sonia Malady

Sonia Malady
Tropical Business Solutions 

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Sonia Malady

Director at Tropical Business Solutions.