Greatest threat to your IT: Staff with Admin Rights

May 20, 2015

Admin Rights ThreatSometimes it’s the simple changes that can be the most effective. While we don’t suggest all users have admin rights removed, limiting it to one or two people in addition to your IT support company is a good thing. Simply removing admin rights from staff members on corporate computers and devices can drastically reduce risks in the following areas;

Lower Virus Infection Risk

Depending on the virus, what the user has the ability to use and access is all the virus is potentially able to do. An example is infecting files on network shares the user cannot access or installing software. While in itself; won’t always be a fool proof defence, having no admin rights is a good first line of defence. Incidentally, we recently wrote a white paper on best defence against the really nasty crypto virus that is definitely worth a read.

Installation of software: Piracy & Security Threats

Software piracy can end companies if caught, and we’ve spoken about it in the past on this post. If it’s easy for a staff member to install software, then it’s likely at some point at least one staff member is going too. Beyond concerns of unlicensed software, there is also your operating environment. Who’s to say that free software for printing to PDF that John installed doesn’t have a Trojan virus or other threat that is going to cause problems or data theft long term? That can be just as costly as legal problems.

Lower your spend on support

As a user with admin rights, you can do anything… including breaking everything. If you take this right away from staff, the break-fix effort can lower significantly thus lowering your costs. While it may seem to be easier to allow staff to make changes on their computers on their own; long term this could end up actually costing you more.

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Daniel Ladlow
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