Keep tech from hurting your health

Apr 10, 2015

Late Night TechSitting at a desk isn’t healthy; even sitting is now thought to be bad for you. Unfortunately, technology, admin/bookkeeping and general day to day running an office can keep you pretty static and desk anchored; which is the worst thing you can do for productivity (coffee can do only so much for the 3pm wall!).

While it can be hard to find time to try and look after yourself, the benefits can well and truly outweigh the cost in time; and help you focus more at work.

Workout Whenever You Can

Numerous studies have shown that exercise doesn’t just keep you physically fit; it also diminishes stress hormones and releases endorphins which help naturally keep you happier… leading to a greater feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Basically – Healthy Body & Healthy Mind.

You’d be surprised what a healthy mind can do; subconsciously fixing problems, consciously achieving a greater productive outcome and better decisions from a stronger mental state.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you DO something. Personally, weight training and quality time catching up on game of thrones & suits with my trusty treadmill is the ticket. Although - swimming, cycling, boxing, anything that gets you doing stuff is great.

Sleep is Important

NO ONE benefits from walking zombies. If you are doing heavy work outs this will naturally get easier, but sleep is critical.

Backlights are killing your sleep

Technology hurts us again here though… LED & LCD backlights from displays actually stops the sleep hormone (melatonin) in your mind resulting in a more alert state; making it overall harder to get to sleep. A simple fix here is to leave your mobile in another room away from your prying midnight hands. Another good point is to stop using your computer heavily after 7pm to allow your mind to slowly start to shut down... plus it is a great excuse to read a book!

Late night emails could be hurting your team

It’s a no brainer to send off an email to staff at midnight after you have had a “eureka moment”… BUT (as the Harvard Business Review noted in a study back in march) this could actually be hurting your team. Staff who prefer to stay connected or are ambitious could be replying to your late night emails because they feel they need too to get ahead. While this is a good thing, it does take away from their down time outside of work… and thus adversely impacting on their quality of work.

Technology is important to business, but so are you.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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