Tech smart when moving offices

Mar 12, 2015

Moving OfficesMoving offices can be so disruptive to business. And unfortunately technology can be the source of a lot of that heartache. Here are a few things to consider when moving to help make sure it is as seamless as possible.

1.1- Talk to your IT people.

IT, communications & data is going to be the biggest thing when moving. A lot of the IT guys schedule for your move is going to work around the communication providers, but moving servers and services associated with them can take a lot of planning – especially if you want to avoid long delays and outages - or unforscene issues with the new office (like cabling). They will also be able to point out items to consider with your data services that you will need to push to your service providers that need to be accounted for when moving. In a lot of cases, you can let your IT people talk with your service providers directly to help plan and make sure everything is done right the first time.

Just some of the issues and services that need to be considered from a IT point of view for a move;

  • Sufficient Power Points for Devices
  • Sufficient Data Ports, and Health of Data Ports
  • Communication Providers services (Voice & Data) available in the office
  • Scheduling moving IP Addresses or changing DNS to new IP addresses (to bring services like Remote Desktop, Email, Web Based Applications online).
  • Scheduling physical moves
  • Server Room Changes for your equipment (including cooling, etc.)
  • Checking Wireless connectivity in physical configuration of new office
  • Phone Systems re-config for the new office
  • IP Based Security

It should be noted here that if you have cloud services, it is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to move as all you need is your desktops, and laptops physically transported. Everything else stays online. You just need internet online at your new office, or even have your staff work from home while the furniture is being moved…(with 0 down time!).

1.2- Talk to your phone & data people.

Communication & data services can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month or even longer to move from one office to another. This is the FIRST thing you need to organise; while the ink on your new lease or purchase contract is still wet. Your communication guys will likely need to talk to your IT guys, and will also ensure you can get the same services at your new office or if there are alternatives (NBN, ADSL, etc.). This will likely dictate when you will be able to move to your new office.

2- Talk to your people.

Moves are extremely disruptive to individual employees own schedule. Keep the team in the loop with time lines so they can plan their own work around outages in services; after all even when moving your company is still going to be doing business keeping its commitments to its client’s and contracts.

3- Move the office

Good luck! If you need help with moving or planning moves for your servers & systems, give us a call on 08 8922000 or contact us.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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