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Mar 22, 2015

International travel is important for business. This video blog looks at how to keep working, business as usual, from anywhere in the world. And how to do it without bill shock.

Notes from the video blog:

How to turn off data roaming on devices

International Travel Tech TipsiPhone: Go to Settings - General - Network - slide Data Roaming, Cellular Data and Enable 3G to ‘off’.
Android: Go to Settings - Wireless Controls - Mobile Network Settings - uncheck Data Roaming, Data Enable and 3G Data options.
Blackberry: Go to Options - Mobile Network - Data Services - select ‘Off When Roaming’.
Windows Phone: Go to Settings - Mobile Network - Data Roaming - and select ‘Don’t Roam’.

If you have any issues with the above, feel free to give us a call to help out.

Apps for communication while overseas

WhatsApp: A great tool for texts and sending images, etc. The APP uses wifi and so wont cause any extra charges to your account. Other users will need to have the app installed, but it is well worth the effort of installing onto your devices. It's also great for everyday use as well; especially if you have a family with different types of mobile phones (This is kind of the cross-platform version of iMessage).

Skype: A great tool that works on all devices (Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones - even some TV's) for Video & Voice Calls, and sending files and chatting. Great if you want to keep in contact with people in the office or your family while you are away - especially if you are having long conversations about work. Installation of the app onto computers & devices is very straight forward.

Working overseas, with the cloud!

Getting access to all of your applications, data, and resources of your office while you are anywhere else in the world is easy with Tropical Cloud Desktop; access latest work and files that your team have to offer. Added bonus: If your laptop is stolen or lost while you are overseas it doesn't matter - everything is on your cloud desktop. 

Final Notes from the video blog

The HPM International Universal Adaptor pack is a great way to connect your devices anywhere in the world. I swear by them; and they come with two usb ports for charging devices right in the plug. You can pick them up from bunnings for under $40

Cloud Email, coupled with Outlook on laptops is great because it means you can catchup on emails while you are on a plane and disconnected from the world. Everything sync's up again when you re-connect to the internet and all your emails you wrote get sent out (this is honestly the only time I ever actually get to catchup on my inbox!)., and its associated mobile apps are great to easily work out what you are actually paying in other currencies... especially important if you are dealing with multiple countries on your trip.

We are always here to help. Give us a call on 08 8922 0000 or contact us.

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Daniel Ladlow
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