Is Instagram for SME?

Feb 10, 2015

Can Instagram be a good social media tool for Small & Medium Business, EVEN if you don’t sell clothes or coffee? Do you know what…? I think it is. And true to my form of eating our own dog food, in writing this blog article, I have started a Tropical Business Solutions Instagram account. Check out our first post below (Or have a look at our full account here; we've added a few behind the scene pictures from our last photoshoot):


Tropical Business Solutions is on insta! #helloworld #firstpost #tropicalbusinesssolutions

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So first, what is Instagram? If Facebook is a dinner party where long conversations can be had; Twitter is a water cooler moment; Google+ is for your more nerdy audience (mainly google employees), and LinkedIn is more of a professional CV and conversation; than Instagram is all about moments that matter – expressed visually.

Before you go and make your own there are a few thoughts to be considered as to why you would use Instagram;

Show the human side, and share moments.

instagram for sme?Do you need Instagram? No. you don’t… But I think you should; because Instagram is more personal, and visual; than Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ & twitter. It shows who you are and shares real moments – whether it be the team having lunch, Christmas drinks, behind the scenes at a photo shoot (like we did on our account); anything happening in your office… moments that let your clients and potential clients see behind the curtain – the human side. Its advertising your brand & team, without forcing products and services at the client; and I think that goes a long way to making you more likeable & appear more welcoming.

Hashtag and snare audience.

Hash tagging can take a little bit to get used to, but it is actually a great concept. Hashtag your photos to describe the emotion and people from all walks of life will stumble on your photo and, if the photo is on point, likes and comments get you exposure everywhere. So before tagging think about what you really want to convey with your post. In our first post was #firstpost #helloworld #tropicalbusinesssolutions and within 20 minutes 10 people had liked the image; and many many more would have seen it. Without paying for advertising, that is a great result!

More with the quality over quantity on Instagram.

Instagram is not like Facebook or any of the others… you really do want photos to be artistic, funny, human & outstanding - an image people WANT to look at. You don’t need to post every day or even every week… just make sure what you post is the emotion you want to convey, in a style your target audience will appreciate. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and at least as many likes! 

Another feature of instagram which is pretty great, is it can automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare & Flickr; meaning you can share it with your other established audiences really easily - OR - like I have done in this post; embed images in your blog post or website.

Final thoughts...

My last thought is this - If you don’t have a Facebook or twitter account then you really really should, if you are a service based company – this is how you can show clients you are good at what you do and share information with them regularly. Loyal clients are what business is all about.

If you need any help with any of the above, feel free to contact us or call 08 8922 0000.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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Daniel Ladlow


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