Build a moat to keep SPAM out!

Feb 06, 2015

Build a moat!Since email began, there have been people and groups sending spam and shortly thereafter, there was spam with viruses. The problem with keeping these types of emails out, is that the people sending them are invested to get through to you – and so they put a lot of effort into changing the way they send that mail to you, and basically find holes in the fence around your email server.

With some good hosted email solutions, such as Tropical Cloud Hosted Email, Fortnox level tools are updated and changed with the spam guy’s techniques almost hourly to keep all the bad stuff out. So how can you have that same level of protection, for your own in house emails?

We build a moat to keep spam out!

A new product from Tropical Business Solutions – Tropical Cloud Mail Protection does just that. The way it works is simple – it becomes kind of a bridge that the email is forced over and checked before we forward it to your mail servers. To do this our tools do the following;

  • Scan each email and attachment with up to 5 different antivirus programs
  • Checks multiple known spam lists for IP addresses and other indicators to determine if an email is spam, with a 99% success rate.
  • Email content scans – which can be influenced by your own company policy; (i.e. inappropriate content for work) can filter it out.
  • Super Special Tropical Secret Sauce.

Once we have cleared the email we push it on past the moat to your own email server or service... So you are getting the protection of Tropical Cloud’s email filtering and scanning, coupled with your own internal system or 3rd party.

Always emailing, even when your mail service is offline

We also have one extra perk that is pretty amazing with this product – because all your email goes over Tropical Cloud Mail Protections “moat”, if your own mail server goes offline (internet or power down, technical issues), we’ll hold it for you; and forward it through as soon as your email comes back online. But better still, we provide high availability and allow you to see that held mail, and even reply to it. Just another value-add to the product!

This solution doesn't only work with in house servers, it also works with our mail providers such as Google Mail or Office365, ANYTHING that you have your own domain for.

Sister Product, MailArchive to complete the solution

If you are interested in this product; another that would be of interest to you is our Tropical Cloud Mail Archive – which can archive emails for up to 10 years. I wrote a blog post about this late January as to why your current email archive solution PROBABLY wasn’t working.

If you would like more information on this, please contact us or call 08 8922 0000. 

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions 

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Daniel Ladlow


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