5 reasons your email archiving isn’t working

Jan 30, 2015

Archive Smarter!Email archives are important. The majority of business communication is done via email and because of that we amass huge amounts of correspondence (I don’t know about anyone else but my inbox see’s literally hundreds a day!); and all that information can be critical in legal affairs, HR, client negotiations or simply business Intellectual Property and knowledge.

So… why isn’t your email archiving working?

1 – PST files are HORRIBLE

They just are – for techs and for end users. The problems are numerous;

  • PST files are usually stored on user’s individual computers and may not be backed up as a result.
  • They get WAY too big to easily move or easily backup (files get as large as 50GB)
  • When you mount and dis-mount (open / close) a PST file, you have to wait for outlook to re-index the file before you can properly search it.
  • PST files are individual… they aren’t all of organisation.
  • They can be easily edited or deleted.

2 – In house mail archive software can be a headache

If you add in 3rd party software to make a database of all your emails; and you have a server at your business, you have to have enough server resources (processing power AND physical storage space AND backup solutions) to have a duplicate of all your company emails in that archive. If you consider an average user can churn out 10-30GB of email each year, over 7 years… you are talking 70GB to 210GB per staff member, for an office of 10 – you start to look at figures of 2.5 TB JUST for archive!

In many instances – this can be cost prohibitive, unreliable, and time consuming for tech staff; especially if you are an email heavy organisation and you want to aim to keep your emails for up to 10 years (in a lot of instances – you may need to keep emails for at least 7 for legal reasons).

3 – Long term life & security of data storage – feeling lucky?

I touched briefly on this above, but, can you guarantee that your PST file, or all files on your server can last 7 – 10 years? All it can take is one virus or a drop of a laptop or a bad backup; and boom… it is gone. 10 years is a LONG TIME to guarantee safety for data on something that can be destroyed or moved and lost so easily.

Another thing to consider is that PST files and on premises archive solutions can be modified. There is nothing stopping an email from being accidentally… or on purpose… deleted. The results can be malicious.

4 – Do you actually archive everything?

Having to manually archive everything, or archiving things you think are going to be important, and missing stuff that WILL be important can end in heartache. Forgetting to archive items is another big one too.

And even if you do archive everything… are your staff?

5 – Can you go back and see what a staff member told a client?

If a staff member leaves, is on holidays; how can you see what they told a client 2 months ago when that email has been deleted? Can you do that now?

If not… how can you know what your company has promised? It is not a great feeling going into a meeting knowing only half of the story… being able to see what your company has agreed too always, or even just made comment on, can be critical in business.

The Solution!

The solution is easy, and cheap! Tropical Cloud Mail Archive is a service we have brought to market this year, knowing how much of an issue mail archive has been for clients in the past.

  • Offsite cloud based email archive.
  • Have a copy of every email sent internally or externally forwarded to an archive database.
  • Web page to login too which allows users with varying degrees of access (whole of company, their own account, etc.)
  •  All emails are searchable and nothing can be deleted.
  • Emails can be archived for up to 10 years, and you pay for what you use.
  • Past PST files can be imported.
  • Intelligent – don’t spend hours looking for an email.
  • Its cheap!
  • Can be used with “Cloud Hosted” email solutions & in house email solutions.

Setup is simple and can be done in an hour or two - if you'd like more information call us on 08 8922 0000 or email us.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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