2015 Sneak Peak

Dec 11, 2014

2015 Game Plan2014 was huge for Tropical Business Solutions – and we aren’t done yet.

In 2015 we have some big, huge, EPIC new things we’re bringing to market. Below is a sneak preview of what’s coming from Tropical Business Solutions!


Communication Services

Tropical Business Solutions is becoming a telecommunication service provider.

Never queue up again – or get stuck on hold for hours - the Team at Tropical Business Solutions you know and love will cover it all. Our services are going to include NBN, ADSL, Mobile Phones, and Landlines… everything you are going to need to keep your business talking and working in the field. Watch this space as we finalise our products and get them market ready for the New Year!

Phone Systems - Upgraded

Tropical Business Solutions have had PBX’s as a product solution for a while. We’ve refreshed this into a better generation of product. With enhanced functions to automate your call flows, or even call clients for confirmations (for things like appointments or attending events) we’re looking forward to bringing these enhanced phone systems to market.

We’re Building Xero Add-On Applications

We love Xero. And in 2015 we will be releasing applications that work with Xero (and other apps we work with now) to help automate and streamline the operations of business throughout all of Australia.

We’re very excited at the prospect of creating applications for businesses everywhere - streamlining business operations and making them more efficient from everything we have learned here in Darwin. (Best of all, we get to make new logo’s for each application we build!)

And we think this gives Tropical Business Solutions clients an edge as well. Is there a business process you want to have an app for to automate operations for you; but there isn’t anything on the market yet that does it OR does it well? Let us know! Chances are you aren’t the only one who wants this and if we love it… we’ll build it, and let you have input through its development process!

As a part of this new venture we want to open up a partner network for the software so that bookkeeping, accounting and technology firms across the country can extend these solutions to their clients as well.

The first application, in a series, is slated for release in the first half of 2015 for public use; with the next towards the end of 2015.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions

Daniel Ladlow


Director at Tropical Business Solutions