2014 in review

Dec 04, 2014

2014 was huge!2014 is almost at an end; and it was a big year for Tropical Business Solutions (the first under that name)… we thought it was worth writing about because the last 6 months have been a blast!

Name Change

We changed our name from Tropical Computers to Tropical Business Solutions. Daniel & Sonia felt that the name change was important to better represent the change in the direction of the company and the evolution we wanted to stimulate in services, and even how we deliver those services. Even our logo got an upgrade to a new clown fish we have lovingly called “Bruce”;

New Director

Sonia Malady came on board as a new director of Tropical Business Solutions with Daniel Ladlow. She adds years of experience in the operation of large corporates and accounts of small businesses, and her know how was and is critical to the development of a better business with the services we wanted to develop and add.

Admin / Bookkeeping Services

The first of our new services to hit the market – Bookkeeping / Admin / Payroll services. We’ve loved doing this, and found working with clients whom we do technology services for worked extremely well – sharing knowledge internally and being able to improve how clients operate saw great benefits for the client in saving money and man power. For us that is the money shot, and we love the deeper relationships we’ve made with these clients.

Operational Solutions (Beyond IT Platform & Admin/Bookkeeping)

A knock on service from our admin & technology services is creating solutions for clients to better operate – using our technology and admin/accounting know how. Leveraging software such as XeroWorkflow MaxVENDSmartJobs and automating everyday business tasks and better recording all data in one area has helped saved whole days of admin for clients a week (and big dollars too!). Becoming close partners and local support agents for these software’s and creating them into seamless solutions has been extremely beneficial for clients – whom are extremely happy with the outcome.

Tropical Cloud

“Thunder you want... at lightening speeds!”

We’ve had Cloud Services for a while… but we’ve done some hard work on making it better. Our new Tropical Cloud range of products help businesses in the territory compare with leaders around the country and world. It’s just that good. Exchange Email, Cloud Backup, Tropical Agent (Antivirus & Monitor), Managed Mobile Devices, Web Monitoring, and the Cloud Desktop. Truly awesome stuff to give your business a leg up against your competitors.

Tropical Blog, Newsletter & Social Sites

We went social in a big way in 2014; and we’ve enjoyed it. Every week since June we have posted a new article or information piece on something we felt would be beneficial to all our clients; education on our products and servers (and why you would want them); info on big events in the industry that you may not otherwise have had access too; or general tips for your business.  Just another one of our value adds.

In our next post…

In our next post we want to let you in on what we have been working on for the last few months and are looking forward to bringing to our clients, and even the rest of Australia, in 2015. We’re excited – and you should be too!

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions 

Daniel Ladlow


Director at Tropical Business Solutions