Don’t Delay: Xero Migration

Nov 05, 2014

Migrate to Xero NowWhere possible, companies have always found it easier to move to new accounting packages at the beginning of a new financial year; it made sense – reports and systems all easily then reflected full periods without pulling data from more than one source. BUT this is no longer the case… cloud accounting packages such as Xero allow for partners like Tropical Business Solutions to easily import data from data files directly into the new systems.

Xero is moments away… and you want it, now!

Migrating data from your old accounting package cloud-ward is of major benefit because you can take advantage of a new business solution without having to wait for the 1st of July before you make them (I went into some of the business cases of why you would want effective software solutions to help drive your business - with Tropical Business Solutions and Xeroand other software’s; back in September in this post: “Business Software makes you better at business & cuts your costs” .

Without going too deeply into it in this post again here are the highlights;

  • Cloud Apps can talk to each other.
  • Enter something once… and never again.
  • Use your people to generate income not fight admin paper work.
  • Generate more income, become more effective, lower operational costs and give a better service and customer experience.
  • More effective team
  • Data is everywhere
  • Better Business
  • Job Management / POS / Purchasing / Accounts all are amazing cloud based solutions that we can provide right now.

Often, it is cheaper and quicker to let pro’s get it done for you

Best of all when you do migrate your old MYOB application or similar to Cloud apps like Xero, using a partner like Tropical Business Solutions means it can usually be done a lot cheaper than you would manually exporting and importing the data. You also have peace of mind that migrating data and setting up systems is what we do; and we know how to get the best result. Even more important; what manipulation to the raw data needs to be done once we have it imported to make it work best for you.

…Our number is 08 8922 0000, We're ready when you are.

So… now you know. There is nothing stopping you from moving your accounts into the cloud and breaking free of the short comings of traditional applications. Plus, it opens you up to a whole new world of effortless solutions for your business; and that is where we can help make the magic happen.

Tropical Business Solutions is an IT Support / Bookkeeping company. We provide Support, Solutions, and Packages for business in Darwin, N.T.. We are partners with Xero, WorkflowMax, VEND, SmartJobs; just to name a few. We know small business… and we love helping businesses run better and smarter; ultimately making you more money with less effort.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions 

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Daniel Ladlow


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