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Nov 26, 2014

Tropical Cloud BackupYou know that backup is important… after a failure of systems or a hacking event; losing data can be enough to end your business. Currently you may be using thumb drives or external hard drives or even tape to back up your data; but these systems aren’t the best option and can give a false sense of security. So, how does cloud backup do backup better?

The Problem – some real world examples

The risk is simple: data loss. Data loss can mean lost emails, lost financial data or even lost intellectual data; any of which can mean the end of your business or at the very least a poor service to your customer while you work around the data loss. So how can this occur with your current backup system?

Backups don't physically get changed

Staff forget to change the backup hard drive or tape, so backups keep getting overwritten.

Clients often have staff away on leave or holidays, or changed roles; and no one in the office had continued to change backup media.

After an event losing data, recovery can still be possible sometimes (we’re just that good!), but it takes A LOT longer, at a much greater expense to the client to get the data back then it should have.

Faulty Backup Media

Bad Media means data cannot be fully recovered; data lost forever.

Sometimes media can be bad; or can become damaged; all it takes is dropping it on the floor. In the case of trying to recover data, this again makes things complicated and much more expensive.

Hackers Attack!

Server Hacked, backup media also becomes effected.

A server is hacked; and backup media (all of them) become effected as well. The result: EXTREMELY difficult recovery of data; if at all possible.

Hardware Damage, resulting in Data Loss

Lightening / Power Surge destroys hardware, including attached backups. (Or even hardware failure).

Some people like to just plug in a hard drive and use that as a backup. BUT, a power surge or lightning strike (which we see a lot of in the Territory) would be all it would take to destroy every digital file you ever made and stored on that server or computer.

Human Error! (Biggest one on the list!)

Data Overwritten, Backup media lost, anything and everything.

Human beings should not be trusted with backup. We’re just not very good at it. Remembering to back up our own data is WAY too easy to forget… and it only takes a onetime event or one moment of carelessness for it to cost you dearly.

The Solution – Blissful Tropical Clouds

Tropical Business Solutions offers a cloud backup solution. We've called it Tropical Cloud Backup. So, how can cloud backup help you take control of backup of your data? Easy:

Cloud Backup automates backups. It happens without you knowing it is. You can have it set to constantly backup files as you make changes to them, or schedule it to do a run at night time.

It emails us (Tropical Business Solutions) when there is an issue with the backup… so we can ensure that it is ALWAYS working. We don’t need you to check it, and you shouldn’t have too.

Cloud Backup is flexible and scalable. We can back up every device everywhere completely, or just a certain folder on a server or computer. There is no costly capital purchases, we just… point and click the data we want to keep backed up and it does.

Cloud Backup is secure. Data is stored offsite, away from people. Data can’t be lost, or damaged… its backup that is backed up. Redundancy is the aim of the game!

Pay for what you need. You only need to pay per GB, per month. That’s it. A low cost, per month for only the data you have backed up for that month. No hardware fees, no license fees: Cheap and simple!

Tropical Business Solutions – We’ve got your back

At Tropical Business Solutions we have done A LOT of work to keep developing our products and services; and to grow our relationships with leaders in the technology space. We love giving new and better ways of doing things for Territory Business that no one else is doing up here, and Tropical Cloud Backup is no different. We’ve bundled it with our agent which includes antivirus & monitoring and manage it with our amazing staff every single working day.

If you would like more information on this, or any of our other products & services, please let me know – my name is Daniel Ladlow; and I am a director of Tropical Business Solutions. Call me on 08 8922 0000 or shoot me an email via our webpage.

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Daniel Ladlow
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