Antivirus is dead: Managed Agents are better.

Nov 19, 2014

Antivirus is dead, Managed Agents are better.There was a time when antivirus was a massive product in the IT industry; and while the function of antivirus is still critical (as proven earlier this month with Apple devices seeing a major new malware threat in china with WireLurker) antivirus software on its own should no longer be your go to. You should expect more (and IT in business demands it) – 24/7 logging and health checks, patches & updates, PC performance improvements; remote support from your IT people; and a better resilience against down time. Enter: Managed Agents; value added antivirus, maintenance, monitor & remote support.

How are “Managed Agents” really better than antivirus?

Simple, it does everything antivirus does, and more – for about the same price. You’re not just protected from infected files; you’re protected from all threats to your IT and data. The “Managed Agent” Solution is simple it focuses on Monitoring; Maintenance & Support.

Plus it’s flexible; we can add in so many extra services with the managed agent to make it function the way you need it too.

  • Enterprise Grade Antivirus
  • Cloud Backup
  • Monitoring of your devices hardware (Disk Space, Hardware Health, Predictive failures of hardware)
  • 24/7 Monitoring of your operating system and software components
  • Security & Network protections
  • Inbuilt tools for automatic performance enhancements
  • Remote Support to the device (with Tropical Business Solutions IT Support for business in Darwin & Northern Territory)
  • Remote Automated Maintenance (Including basic tasks like disk defrag, updates for major software titles, and more)
  • Remote Reporting (To your IT provider)
  • Web Monitoring (Management Level)

Why do you need that extra protection?

Services & Functions


Why you need it

Monitor your devices – wherever they are.

Powerful 24/7 checks on various functions and hardware elements of your device; including predictive failure of hardware.

Clear picture of all of your IT assets.

Automated health checks run constantly, and advise your IT support people of issues.

Remote access to run a lot of functions on your devices.

Allow your IT providers to identify issues before they become major problems.

Allow your IT providers to identify areas for improvement; and recommend changes.

Completely cloud controlled – your assets don’t need to be in your office, all we need is an internet connection.

Maintenance – A small software package that automates a lot.

Provides, downloads, installs and reports on updates and upgrades to software.

Remotely controlled; for a lot of different type of software; it takes a major portion of the human element out of updating software from multiple vendors.

It’s like having a staff member in your office or with you all the time, whenever you need us.

Massive performance improvements which easily equates into better staff efficiency.

Assist you working smarter and faster with your technology, always.

Better security, and reliability of your IT platform.

It’s cheap! We are still talking the same price as a solution that just covered virus protection.

Remote Support – Your IT people should be able to help – always.

With 24/7 monitoring; maintenance reports & basic maintenance occurring remotely… your remote IT support should also be able to happen remotely.

A good cost effective supplement to onsite support.

Less down time, quick resolution of issues and the absolute most effective use of your resources.

How does it work?

The Managed Agent is quick and easy to install, with a small file being installed on each computer; and we can deploy face to face or remotely. Give our team a call (08 8922 0000) if you’d like more information or shoot us an email.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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