VEND: Cloud Point of Sale

Oct 11, 2014

Cloud Point of Sale

What is Cloud Point of Sale?

Cloud technologies have changed the way we think about all business practices…. And the point of sale system is no different. Cloud is – at its core – a way for business to be flexible with its IT system, to maximise the use of their resources, minimise capital outlay… and to automate as much as possible while being portable. Vend is a perfect example of this – with web software and apps designed to integrate into other platforms such as your accounting system and online web stores – and more; all so your traditional store can do more with less.

OK… so this post is a little bit about Tropical Business Solutions as well. We are the only VEND certified Experts in the Northern Territory. And this works well for your business: we have extensive IT experience and talent; as well as massive accounting/bookkeeping experience and talent as well. It makes us uniquely able to put together a full end to end solution to get maximum outcomes from little input from yourself - and make vend do even more for you.

What can Vend do?

Tropical Business Solutions + Vend

So… what is Vend? Apart from Amazing???

  • Its web based (and on apps),
  • stock control,
  • multi-store (and warehouse),
  • supplier ordering & tracking,
  • Integration into a number of payment solutions (Eftpos, PayPayl, etc.)
  • in depth reporting on sales – staff sales & products & more,
  • client loyalty program inbuilt,
  • Talks to heaps of other software (Xero, Web Based Stores, CRM, HR / Shift Management, etc.)
  • It automates a lot of your work so that you don’t have to enter data into your accounting package or any other tedious double handling of data.
  • Pretty sexy looking. And easy, minimum training is required for staff.
  • Heaps more...

What can Vend run on?

Better Hardware Options!The best bit? Non-traditional point of sales hardware! We can use tablets or all in one computers or actual computers or laptops or anything to run it on. You don’t even need to have a traditional “check-out counter”, you could have walking staff with tablets similar to apple stores so you can make the experience with your clients a lot more fluid and personable. Plus it works offline if the internet drops out.

If you are interested in learning more, or playing with the system, we can setup a demo for you with sample data for your business; and setup a meeting to go through your options and potential costs (I promise you, it will be cheaper than you think!)

Tropical Business Solutions provides hardware, software, setup and on-going support; and can put together a full solution including bookkeeping, accounting software, IT support, and heaps more! Contact us or call 08 8922 0000 to find out more!

 Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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Daniel Ladlow


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