Risky use of tech at cafés

Oct 02, 2014

Is someone looking over your shoulder?With the advent of cloud technologies; mobile work forces really are a standard corner stone of business. Turns out working at a café or hotel bars can actually be very risky to the security of your data or business with people looking over your shoulder.

A study by Regus has found a surprising amount of risk in some of the places we’ve taken up as our makeshift offices during the days and while we travel. According to the research 67% of Australian Business named cafés as places where their documents and conversations were most at danger; followed closely by airplanes (52%), airline business lounges (50%), hotel bars and lounges (46%) and trains (37%).

As for actual activities users were most concerned about private and sensitive phone calls (78%) and reading printed documents where passers-by could read documents over your shoulders (62%) or read laptop screens (59%).

Personally I take my laptop with me everywhere I go; it lives in my car; so that when I have 30 minutes and a coffee shop is nearby I can clean up my 300 odd emails sitting in my inbox at anyone point; but it is an interesting reminder that while technology can add as many safe guards as it likes; there is always the human element to keeping information about your business safe from competitors, select staff and the general public.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions 

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Daniel Ladlow


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