Plan for Change

Oct 21, 2014

Plan for changeBecause technology is the platform we work on all day every day; turning off your system for upgrades, migrations or changes in day to day systems can be just as disruptive as turning out the lights. But you can’t let this be an element to stop you from becoming a better business using better technology. So; how can you go about making major changes without being too disruptive to business operations? Plan for change!

Prior Planning.

Prior planning is huge. Outlining exactly what needs to be achieved (i.e. new software for operations, or Point of Sale or IT system) and defining everything that will be affected as a result and planning for those knock on events so that it doesn’t cause issues can mean the difference between a smooth change and a staff uprising or rebellion.  It doesn’t always need to be a formal document, sometimes just verbally talking out the change and working out everything that will be influenced by any change and accounting for it is all that is needed. Good IT, System & Admin advisors can be a big help here (and at Tropical we definitely encourage you to talk to us about any changes you are thinking… we can’t help you if we don’t know what the plan is!)

Deploy under cover of night.

Once you have planned it out; finding the right time to deploy is key. The objective is to make the changes or deployment without disrupting operations too badly, but without spending too much. Most IT companies, Admin companies (and Tropical Business Solutions) have different rates for different times for deployment of major changes (i.e. weekends, after hours, etc.). Sometimes it is definitely worth spending that extra cash to make the changes when no one else is around so that you can work as normal the next business day.

Another time to consider is Christmas and New Year's. They are only a little while away and it is a prime time to get major works done while your staff are away from the office - and usually for standard rates. Tropical Business Solutions (as most consultancy companies will) is staying open through the whole holiday season, closing only for public holidays.

Day 1 is going to be hard. But worth it.

Whenever you setup a new software, new hardware, anything new; there are going to be minor glitches. This will either be small personal preference issues from staff, minor training issues where a staff member needs help with doing something they could do with their eyes closed in the old system, or a genuine overlooked issue from the migration that weren’t picked up along the way but need to be sorted on the fly. They happen.

The easiest and best way to get around this is have someone onsite to help the very next day regardless. It’s a simple insurance policy that almost always pays off.

Communication is key. It’s a relationship thing.

Communication is key. At Tropical Business Solutions we encourage communication as much as possible, keep us in the loop. Any software you’re thinking about, any issue your business is facing you’re not sure how to overcome, talk to us. We live and breathe Admin, IT and Business Solutions. It’s what we do - we can’t help you if you don’t talk to us. For all of our clients we’re happy to setup regular monthly meetings to come and see you… if nothing else it is an excuse for more coffee. We’re always keen for more coffee.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions

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Daniel Ladlow


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