Cloud Email: Effortless

Oct 27, 2014

Cloud Email: EffortlessTropical Business Solutions has recently just upgraded our hosted email exchange solution for Small & Medium Business from 25GB of storage to 50GB of storage for the same price. We’ll also be upgrading to the latest Exchange technology on the “back end” allowing for more options and a better service. We will slowly be going through and upgrading our older accounts to the new 50GB plan free of charge; and for the same price.

But I wanted to talk about the benefits of “Hosted Exchange” over “In House Exchange Email”, or other web providers email services such as POP3 or IMAP. Why should your business change? Because it’s effortless.

It’s the simple things in life: Sync everything everywhere. (Better than POP3 or IMAP)

All email, email folders, contacts, calendars, tasks, literally everything in outlook is sync’d with all of your other devices. This means you don’t need to lug around a whole laptop or just have your inbox shared.

Even better, you can share mailboxes or individual folders (including calendars, etc.) with another staff member or whole groups of staff within your organisation.

Imagine having your calendar on your phone, ipad, and computers all saying the same thing. Or having the same contacts on all devices; or sharing a leave calendar with all staff. For people who use exchange email day to day (like ourselves) I honestly couldn’t imagine doing business or… even my personal life for that matter… without this simple feature.

“He’s Dead Jim”: In House Exchange Servers aren’t always so reliable. (Better than in-house email servers)

Even if you have managed servers (Tropical Business Solutions, by the way, does an amazing job at this), the things that needs to be online at any point for your exchange server to operate properly are as follows (at a minimum);

  • Server to be physically OK.
  • Power online to your office.
  • Air-conditioning to your server.
  • Internet connection active (and relatively fast).
  • Backups Operational.
  • SPAM & Virus definitions up to date.
  • Software updates & security updates for exchange server & windows server to be applied and up to date.
  • No “user created issues” (i.e. staff turning off server, unplugging cords (this really does happen))
  • Switch, Modem, cabling all online and OK.

If any of the above go offline, your emails are offline; or you are vulnerable to bad things happening. And sometimes you don’t know until it’s too late (Though…Tropical Business Solutions Server Maintenance & Monitoring can definitely mitigate the risk - we can also provide a similar service for the desktop level).

Out Source the Head Aches: Our servers are treated with respect, love, and the very best power money can buy outside of Darwin….way way away from Darwin. NSW & SA even. (We take the risk, so you can work)

With hosted exchange emails, none of the risk of servers or power or internet outages or any of the other must haves for emails is your problem. Tropical Business Solutions engineers are in complete control of everything all the time, and we back it up with a 99% uptime guarantee.  Have your emails faired this well?

We also have solutions on the server to ensure enhanced SPAM filtering, automatic backup of emails, 50GB of storage, same “Experience” on all devices, ability to hook into your active directory server so that users have the same username and password as they use to login to their computers at your office; and our servers are physically located away from Darwin – pesky cyclones and power outages can’t touch us. Or you!

Show you the Money: You had us at hello.

So I have talked up our Cloud Email Solution a little bit now; and that is because we can give you a better email experience with it for your organisation and we can do it relatively cheaply. Cheaper by far than having emails housed in your business.

If you want a proposal for your business, from migration to deployment and ongoing support... give me a call on 08 8922 0000 or contact us.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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Daniel Ladlow


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