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Sep 11, 2014

NT Power Issues?NT business is truly amazing. We come up against (and overcome) Territory unique issues every day; such as talent & skill shortages, monsoonal rains; and more recently – power issues. Big ones.

In this day and age, there are very few businesses that can claim to be able to operate through a power outage without huge wasted man power, loss of income, loss of workflow and slipping operational timelines. It can be enough to break any managers cool!

While we trust our friends at Power & Water to get back online in the short term, we are edging ever closer to the wet season, and the risk to business that comes with the powerful and destructive tropical thunder storms and cyclones that it brings.

So; what can be done, operationally, to minimise effects of power outages to our businesses?

  • The portable workforce with Cloud. Cloud services such as Cloud Desktops, Xero or Workflow Max can all help keep your businesses operational and decentralised from your primary place of business. Meaning: your workforce can move and work from home for the day, from another office (or pub!) and still achieve what they have to for that day. Laptops and tablets give you portability, and most come with wireless internet inbuilt, for added convenience.
  • Communication anywhere with Hosted Services. Hosted exchange email services allow you to have your emails online and operational from any device, no matter where you are, regardless of the state of your equipment in your office. Hosted VoIP services also give you portability of telephones, allowing you to work anywhere with your phone lines.
  • Backup Plans. Technology is a liberating tool in business, it can give you awesome intelligence and efficiencies to make more money and more effective decisions; but its dependence requires thought. How do we work around having no power? How do we work around having no internet? In a lot of cases in-expensive "good enough" solutions (UPS, Laptops, 4G wifi dongles) will be enough to cover your operations in a black out. But it is definitely worth thinking about how it will affect your business should the worst happen, and what contingencies you have in place to keep your team working. (and we can help you with this too!)

Sure, but what about our desktops, thin clients, and servers in our office?

Battery Backup. UPS (uninterruptable power supply) is the only option. It is a power board with a battery inbuilt and comes in different flavours for your desktop, servers, or communications cabinet (for your modem, switches, etc.).

Its not that expensive either; a PowerShield SafeGuard 750VA UPS is approximately $160+GST and is more than capable of powering a desktop computer for enough time to save what you are working on, or finish anything important you had up - anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Servers do require more powerful UPS’s however, and may need to be looked at for further advice. Ask us for a quote for your business.

Laptops & Tablets have inbuilt batteries and can last for hours; more than enough time for power to come back on. They also have the added benefit of portability. Coupled with cloud services, they can be a truly effective operational insurance policy.

In Summary

Power outages are disruptive. There is no getting around that, but with some forward planning, it doesn’t have to be a show stopper for our businesses in the NT. We’re always here to go over any concerns you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 08 8922 0000.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions 

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Daniel Ladlow


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