End of Windows 7

Sep 02, 2014

Windows 7Windows 7 is no longer sold as of October 31st this year; and Microsoft’s primary operating system becomes Windows 8. However Windows 9, knight in shining armour, looks to make an early appearance to cleanse the bad taste most users felt with “8”. But… is Windows 8 really that bad?

Windows 8

Windows 8 Operating System has been… polarising. Some users love it, and the tablet/desktop approach it took while others hated the change and direction that Windows was taking; resulting in a lot of businesses holding fast onto Windows 7 (and in some cases even Windows XP despite support and updates ending for that product).

Windows 8.1 did make it easier for users on a traditional desktop, and Windows 8.2 promises to be even better for that user as well; with a better “tile” start menu; and metro apps working more like traditional applications; among many other tweaks to make it better for keyboard & mouse. (There is even talk of the start menu coming back as an option in the OS). The new trend Windows 8.X updates is actually a new trend for Microsoft and their quick update and release cycle adding – very quickly – new features to the operating system. We’ve already seen major major changes added to Windows 8 (as noted above) which has to be commended as Microsoft adapts the OS to the changing face of devices and user needs in a very quick IT world.

Do we - at Tropical - like Windows 8?

To be completely honest, having worked on Windows 8 since its release at Tropical, personally I find it easy to use, as do most of the techs here (although there is at least one hold out who still prefers Windows 7). All my "Computers" run Windows 8, and I like the replacement of the start menu after not having it for a while. With a touch screen it is easy, and without one, its not that bad either. Its just... different. The Operating System itself we have found to be as stable or more so then Windows 7 and previous versions.

Windows 9

There is a glimmer of hope, Windows 9 is just around the corner. In fact, we should be seeing a beta preview build as early as September 30th this year, and a full release sometime end of this year or early 2015.

Windows 9, true to Microsoft form of hit and miss with its Operating Systems, does look like it will achieve everything it wanted too with Windows 8 (touch, one Operating System for Desktops & Tablets & Phones); with the success of Windows XP.

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