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Sep 24, 2014

Work together, Better!Software can automate so many mundane tasks and operations of your business or it can make everything you do harder and make your investment in technology worthless. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or “Business Management Software”; for small business is key for effective and streamlined operations, maximum profits and optimal customer satisfaction.

Goals for good “Business Management” software…

Good software for your business should make everything you do easier, automated and render the need for excel spreadsheets or to-do lists almost non-existent in your business; and become an effective driver for your business processes.

Can you tell right now the following about your business, without having to ask anyone?

  • What jobs do you have outstanding?
  • How complete a particular project is?
  • How many purchase orders are with suppliers right now, and their ETA or value?
  • How busy your staff are on Wednesday next week; and can you fit that new job or project in on that day?
  • How much stock do you have, and should you re-order right now, or next week?
  • Is your contact information for a client the same in your accounting package, Customer Service and Operational Software Package?
  • How much value is accumulated on projects that have yet to be invoiced?

If you can’t answer the above; without having to ask someone else in the business, as a manager; your flying blind; and whatever software you have and are using in your business for day to day operations isn’t working as an aid; it’s a hindrance.

The right tool, for the right job, with the right partner!

Just because the software or system doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that it’s not great software; it just means that it might not be great for you. Or it may not have been “massaged” into something that would best suit the operations of your business.

Every software package is designed to work differently and is capable of being crafted to operate in different ways, as most businesses have different ways of doing things. This is where an advisor and “software partner” comes in handy. Critical even.

Having a software partner who knows a number of different software’s can easily determine the best fit for your business, and then how to best setup and configure that software to mimic your “workflow of data” within your business. A lot of the time,this is the most important step to ensure you get the best outcome for your business.

That same software partner can then effectively provide training and ongoing support, face to face, for your business; and is kept up to date on the developments of that software (it’s almost like having the software developer’s of the product right there!)

Examples of the magic sauce – à la Tropical Business Solutions?

Job Management Systems (and we are definitely plugging our Tropical Business Solution partners here) Workflow Max is an amazing job and project management software; and SmartJobs is an awesome “Blue Collar” jobs type job management software for simplified operations and GPS tracking of your team. Both can be highly customised to fit any number of industries; and Tropical Business Solutions has had extensive experience in doing that for our customers.

Shop fronts don’t very well need job management solutions usually, but Cloud “Point of Sales” software is a truly amazing product. With Vend no longer do you need a cash register, or even a computer; you can use an iPad or tablet, or simple touch screen all-in-one; and you’re good to go; with in-built customer loyalty, email of receipts, integrated Eftpos solutions, multiple stores and live stock levels, and easy add-on online “web” stores, to mention just a few of the powerful options that can be turned on; the shop front will never be the same again.

Couple either the job or POS software with that with powerful accounting software platforms; Xero is a web based accounting package that seamlessly shares data on customers, invoices, purchase orders, etc; while MYOB is a rock solid accounting software familiar to most long standing businesses; and in its newer iterations can be modified to function in a similar way.

You can then extend it even further with Tropical Business Solutions further “toolkit of solutions” for Mass Emails to clients, Enhanced Websites, and really anything else you could imagine your business ever needing; all integrated. And because all of these applications work in the same "ecosystem" data NEVER need be entered twice.

Why change, what are the benefits of integrated Business software?

Whole Salaries can be reallocated. Without exaggeration, whole salaries worth of labour can be removed from man handling data, paper work, excel spreadsheets – basic administration; and moved into new roles of income generation or other beneficial processes within the company. This is mainly due to data flowing from one application to another, and staff in operations doing a lot of data entry on a day to day basis as a part of their every day jobs. We will never completely replace the admin role, but we can drastically reduce it.

More effective team. A better managed team, with a better workflow, and a better idea of what is occurring for a project (and the details surrounding it); can mean a more productive and lucrative workforce.

Better customer service & client communication. Capturing more data from your client on their jobs, ongoing tasks and projects; and leave them more satisfied with your performance; and strengthen your relationship with them, all while making a better margin. Plus, integrated emailing solutions and recording mean that everyone is on the same page.

Data is everywhere. Having all relevant data shared between operations, HR, Accounting, Advertising and any other software solution automatically is how you keep your business at the top of your game; and efficient.

Better Business. Better capturing all the data from all the different areas of your business mean you can create better reports and get a different perspective of your business; and lets you know exactly where you stand day to day with your operations. You can answer all the questions at the beginning of this article and more!

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Daniel Ladlow
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