Black Holes of Technology: Part One – The Old Computer

Aug 21, 2014

Black Holes of ITSpecifically in this article, I want to look at the simplest thing first: your employee’s desktop or laptop computer.

Leaving a staff member with an aging computer may seem like a good money saver, or an easy expense to put off until the P&L looks healthier.


Old Computers cost you in sneaky ways…

  • Wasted time while your staff are waiting for applications to run, process data or for your computer just to turn on. This adds up quickly over the course of a year! Some studies put this figure between 42 – 50 hours per year of wasted productivity. 
  • Greater risk of outages losing data and staff productivity due to unexpected failure. That can have huge business impact.
  • IT maintenance takes significantly longer, thus your maintenance costs are higher due to the computers performance. Various studies put this between 20 – 25 hours per year when you consider maintenance and break fix.
  • Higher power costs… newer PC’s across the board are more energy conscious and efficient – the cost difference could be up to $200/ year per machine!
  • It’s all about image. Your business rocking a computer from the 1990’s or 2000’s can look poorly for your business, especially in front of a client or in a meeting. Even worse if they are left drumming their fingers while waiting for your PowerPoint to load.
  • Laptop battery performance is worlds apart from what it used to be. Today, with new Intel technology, you can get Windows 8 Laptops or Ultrabook’s running for well over 9-14 hours depending on make and model. This helps with downtime for charging when you are out and about in the mobile workforce.

What are the best solutions?

Depending on your other business and technology goals;

Cloud Servers \ Desktops

Get rid of computers altogether! Cloud Desktop or Server Solutions combine servers and desktops and laptops into one thing. The best part is, you can use thing clients or “dumb computers” which are just screens that can connect to the internet.

Save on IT support, Save on Capital Costs, and have reliable offsite managed IT, for a fraction of what you would have paid for it in house. Plus you only pay for what you use; and you get impressive portability. Work from anywhere with access to everything.

Replacement Computer

Newer computers can come with Solid State Hard Drives, and boast Windows Load times over under 10 seconds… and programs run lightning fast. Obviously you get the benefit of 0 down time on staff here resulting from technology delays. Imaging the days’ worth of extra productivity over a year long period.

To upgrade or not to upgrade…

Sometimes your older computer can be upgraded and saved – pulled into the current day of technology and expected speeds. But sometimes you would be better throwing your money into the wind; technology changes far too much in the period of 2-3 years and sometimes it’s simply better to get a new device. Your technician should be able to guide you here on what is the best course of action for your computer: donation or rehabilitation.

We're here to Help!

Talk to us to see what your best choice is… your business goals should be a big influence in the decision… and both Sonia & I are always willing to come meet with you to work out a good long and short term plan for your business with technology and systems to help your business grow! Call us on 08 8922 0000 or contact us if you'd like to setup a meeting.

Daniel Ladlow

Daniel Ladlow
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