Cloud Desktop: A fresh idea on an old concept

Jul 16, 2014

Cloud-Desktops.jpgWhat is it?

A Cloud Desktop is your computer in the cloud. You login, and you get to your desktop with all your programs, network drives, and software, all there ready to go.

You can access it from anything (IPad, friend’s computer, home computer, thin client [devices designed to work with cloud desktops and can be as cheap as $400-500]), from anywhere with an internet connection... at any time.

So… why would you want a cloud desktop for your business?

End Users love it (and you will too)

Standard Environment; Consistent Security & Remote Office – work wherever… and get the latest Microsoft Software!

Cloud Desktops give the same desktop user experience to each and every user; because you are all working on the same “computer” – just in different sessions on it. You each have the same software, the same configuration at the system level – making for easy training and support; saving cash. It can also make deployment of new software & solutions to every user go at light speed; hours instead of days. You also, in most cases, don’t need servers in your office anymore.

Users can work from anywhere. Cloud, by its very nature, runs over the internet, meaning you (and your staff) can work wherever you want to on the planet, as long as you have an internet connection and some form of compute device such as an IPad, Laptop, etc.

Cloud desktop controls you data in a better way, giving greater consistent security. Data is stored on a single server instead of staff laptops, servers, and 10 other places; so it cannot go walking away from your business. You have control over who can see it, who can move it, who can edit it. Consistent security puts you back in control of your corporate data’s Security.

Tropical Business Solution Cloud Desktop product also bundles Microsoft software in with it, giving you the latest (as new versions are released) versions of the office suite, or speciality Microsoft products at no extra cost for new releases for licensing.

Your Accountant Will Love It (and you will feel just as strongly)

Minimal Capital Expense, Less on broken computers; a system that fluctuates with you.

Upgrade of Windows Operating Systems as they are discontinued (as we recently experienced with Windows XP) can mean major upgrades in hardware, not to mention the software licenses themselves. Removing the capital expenditure of full “desktop & laptop” computers from your balance sheet and replacing it with operating expenses such as cloud subscription services of Desktop (including packaged in office suite) as a service will excite your accountant.

Moreover, it can help control operating costs by reducing the need for IT break fix on computers, and give a more predictable ongoing cost for budgeting.

Cloud Desktops can expand in capacity and software, and contract in a similar way… meaning you pay for only what you need. This is a huge cost saver; especially when you are looking at sporadic projects for your business (and have 10 extra staff on for 2 months), or a small business not knowing what it is going to need in 4 months’ time as it grows. You pay by number of users, the software you need, on a monthly basis. It takes all the risk off your business.

Tropical Business Solutions - Tropical Cloud

Thunder you are going to want… at lightening speeds!

Tropical Business Solutions is a Microsoft Cloud Platform Partner; and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist; meaning we have some amazing Cloud Products for SME's in Darwin!

We have created Cloud Desktop Platform product to best fit Small-Medium Business.

We’re also excited to bring forward a new small & micro business product too – Our Micro Tropical Cloud Desktop for smaller teams.

Call us now on 08 8922 0000 so we can tailor a package for you to help take advantage of the latest technologies and all the benefits of the cloud!

Daniel Ladlow
Tropical Business Solutions

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Daniel Ladlow

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