What is WorkflowMax?

Workflow Max & Tropical Business Solutions

WorkflowMax is an All-in-one, web based, job management software that makes it easy to capture leads, track time, create quotes, purchase orders, invoices and everything in between. WorkflowMax is owned and developed by Xero; making it highly compatible with the popular accounting system. WorkflowMax is able to seamlessly push sales and supplier invoices to Xero – providing a total business solution.

Tropical Business Solutions is a close partner of WorkflowMax, acting as Advisor & Implementer for businesses using the software in the Northern Territory.

Tropical Business Solutions, being a bookkeeping & technology firm, is uniquely suited to tailoring WorkflowMax into the best solution for your business so it can do the heavy lifting for you (we are also able to set it up side by side with our cloud and technology solutions, bookkeeping and accounting solutions - among many other options). 

Workflow Max Advisor

What services do Tropical Business Solutions provide for WorkflowMax?

As a WorkflowMax partner, Tropical Business Solutions is in a strong position to help your business with a range of services when working with WorkflowMax. Some of these include;

  • Customisation of WorkflowMax to your business (including all job, item, task & document templates).
  • Migration from your existing Job Management System.
  • Integration with your accounting platform like Xero, MYOB & others.
  • Integration with your marketing and CRM platforms like Exsalerate.
  • Setup a document management & communication management system with WorkflowMax (which further can be integrated as a network drive on your Tropical Cloud Desktop if you are a client of that platform).
  • Implementation of the new system within your business (Help setup new procedures, new processes, on boarding with staff, and more).
  • Design custom reports from your job & client data within WorkflowMax.
  • Training.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Full outsourced of “management” of WorkflowMax by our bookkeeping staff (Data Entry, Maintenance of information, etc.)
  • Custom services can be provided where required.
If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us for a proposal.

Who is WorkflowMax for?

laptop-tablet-phone-1.pngIf your business tracks time or bills by it, then WorkflowMax is perfect for you. WorkflowMax is used across many different industries:

  • Advertising, Branding, Design Agencies
  • Architects, Lawyers, Business Consultants, Surveyors, Engineers, Builders
  • IT consultants, Web Developers, Software Developers

Why will you love WorkflowMax?

  1. All the tools you need to run your business (quotes, jobs, time sheets, invoicing) are all in one easy and integrated system!
  2. You pay monthly, with no contracts! Ever!
  3. Seamless flow of data - from quotes through to invoicing - automatically!
  4. Access you data anywhere (its online!)
  5. Get paid faster and stay cash flow positive by sending invoices as soon as the job is done!

How much is WorkflowMax?