What is Tradify?


Tradify (Previously SmartJobs) is Job Management in the cloud. Job Management, Invoicing and Quoting for your service business. Reduce paperwork and increase productivity; all while keeping a track of where your staff are, and where their next job is going to be.

Tropical Business Solutions is a partner with Tradify and acts as Advisor & Implementer for businesses using the software in the Northern Territory.

Tropical Business Solutions, being a bookkeeping & technology firm, is uniquely suited to tailoring Tradify into the best solution for your business so it can do the heavy lifting for you (we are also able to set it up side by side with our cloud and technology solutions, bookkeeping and accounting solutions - among many other options). 

Who is Tradify for?

TradifyTradify tracks time & costs, and can bill your clients accordingly. If you have a distributed workforce who go to a number of different addresses each day, then Tradify is for you! Some industries include;

  • Electricians

  • Refrigeration Mechanics

  • Plumbers

  • Mechanics

  • …and many many more!

Why will you love Tradify?

  1. Easy invoicing & quoting - and shared data between your accounting software and Tradify like MYOB & Xero
  2. Easy Job Management - Job Notifications to staff, Dispatch and real time GPS tracking of staff, Scheduling all make for a more efficient team!
  3. Access your data anywhere, from either the App or through the web page.
  4. Simple! Tradify is a simple easy to use system for all levels of "I.T." skill

How Much is Tradify?

Thats easy too! $20 per user per month. $5 per user if they don't need access.

Contact us to setup a demo account for you now; and talk about how we can configure it for you!