Exsalerate is a simple, effective, affordable cloud based CRM software designed for Small & Medium Business. Easily integrated into Xero & Workflow Max it is a powerful sales and relationship tool.

Tropical Business Solutions is a Exsalerate partner, acting as implementer (setup), training, ongoing consultation and support for businesses using Exsalerate in the Northern Territory.

Tropical Business Solutions is a technology, bookkeeping & solution firm; specifically built from the ground up for SME's in the Territory. Our focus is creating streamlined solutions for businesses from our cloud desktop, right through to job systems, and accounting platforms. Tropical Business Solutions point of difference is our ongoing relationships with clients; we don't ship and run. Our Techs, Bookkeepers and Solution staff are here to assist for the lifetime of your solution, and can help you modify systems to meet the needs of your changing business.

Who is Exsalerate for?

If you are a business who looks for new clients, or has ongoing relationships with a number of staff, exsalerate is for you.

What does Exsalerate do?

  • Single Dashboard - Bring Financial data, job data, and recorded contact with clients, all into one single dashboard. Simple!
  • To Do Lists & Calendars - Never miss a follow up call or email.
  • Email Integration - Record all contact against a client so the team can see how you are progressing with a lead. This also includes information from MailChimp Campaigns.
  • Reporting - Custom Reports, or generic client contact data - the reporting platform is able to give you whatever information you are after.
  • Mobile - Access CRM information from anywhere, anytime on anything!
  • File Storage - Store Documents on your clients or leads profiles.
  • Performance Tracking - See how your sales team (or you) are progressing!
  • Sales Forecasting - Don't guess what work you have coming next month, plan for it.

Want to know more?

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