What is Receipt Bank?

Tropical Business Solutions + Receipt Bank

Businesses lose money every year in unclaimed expenses, such as misplaced receipts, but now you can stop these losses! Receipt Bank is an award-winning software add-on that converts all your bills, invoices and receipts into data, making it easy for you to send your financial information straight to us.

Tropical Business Solutions is a close partner of Receipt Bank, acting as Advisor & Implementer for businesses using the software in the Northern Territory.

Tropical Business Solutions, being a bookkeeping & technology firm, is uniquely suited to tailoring Receipt Bank into the best solution for your business so it can do the heavy lifting for you (we are also able to set it up side by side with our cloud and technology solutions, bookkeeping and accounting solutions - among many other options). 

What services do Tropical Business Solutions provide for Receipt Bank?

As a Receipt Bank partner, Tropical Business Solutions is able to help your business with a range of services when working with Receipt Bank, some of which include;

  • Customisation of Recept Bank to your business.
  • Integration with your accounting platform like Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks & others.
  • Setup a document management system with Receipt Bank (which further can be integrated as a network drive on your Tropical Cloud Desktop if you are a client of that platform).
  • Integration with job management systems like WorkflowMax.
  • Implementation of the new system within your business (Help setup new procedures, new processes, on boarding with staff, and more).
  • Custom Software Integrations via Receipt Banks API.
  • Training.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Full outsourced of “management” of your accounts by our bookkeeping staff (Data Entry, Maintenance of information, etc.)
  • Custom services can be provided where required.

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What can Receipt Bank do?

24-7-access-landing-page.pngWith Receipt Bank’s flexible submission methods you’ll never lose another document as it’s simple to submit them instantly. You can submit in a variety of ways, choosing whichever are best for your business:

  • Receipt Bank App (iPhone & Android)
  • Email
  • Post
  • Dropbox. ...and many more

Why will you love Receipt Bank?

Using Receipt Bank’s easy submission methods means that:

  • You save time on sending in your paperwork, giving you time back to build your business.
  • You save space as there’s no need to store your physical documents.
  • You get all your financial data quickly and we are able to offer business advice based on a near real time flow of information.
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