Daniel Ladlow



Daniel Ladlow

Daniel's first position was helpdesk support at Darwin High School, Darwin.

He then went on to start Tropical Computers in 2005 after identifying a need for better personalised technology support and solutions for business in Darwin.

After 9 years of operation, in 2014 Tropical Computers changed its name to Tropical Business Solutions to expand services beyond just ICT.

Sonia Malady


Sonia MaladySonia’s first position was as a bookkeeper with Pricemaster Homes, Darwin.  

She then went to Blaze Business Software, a leading software accounting and customer support company, where she was senior consultant and trainer for Attaché software in Darwin.  

Sonia then became Senior Bookkeeper with Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu where she spent two years managing client book work.  She joined ShoreLands early 2002.  Her positions in the company have included bookkeeper, personal assistant, Finance Manager and General Manager, before being appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2007.

In 2010 Sonia started her own bookkeeping and consulting business looking after a range of clients including Agriculture, Construction, Retail, Upholstery and more, before merging with Tropical Business Solutions as a director.

Luke Wilcox

Luke Wilcox

Tech Team, Team Leader

Luke Wilcox has been with Tropical Business Solutions since 2013.

Born and raised in Darwin, he has focused on the IT industry his entire career. Working both in Government (Education) and private sector organisations; has has refined his technical ability to an art form.

As team leader of the Tropical Technical team; Luke directs day to day jobs and keeps the ship on course.

Favourite thing to do in your off hours? My main past time is gaming, there is something particularly relaxing about working with mates to take down a nemesis, when the game servers are down I hangout the wife watching a TV series.

Cat or Dog? I have a mini Schnauzer called Dex. I tend to sneeze at cats.

Greatest Achievement? Have you meet my wife?

You win a million dollars, what do you do now? Pay off the house loan, take a holiday to Scotland for hiking, buy a DeLorean… not necessarily in that order.

Robert Dorward

Robert Dorward

Tech Team, Technician

Robert has been with Tropical Business Solutions since early 2013. Growing up in Darwin, Robert focused on IT through his education and has worked for a number of organisation in Darwin putting his extensive technical skill base to work.

Favourite thing to do in your off hours? Chillout and game with friends.

Cat or Dog? Cat

Greatest Achievement? Representing the NT in Laser tag Nationals on multiple occasions!

You win a million dollars, what do you do now? Buy a house, car and put the rest in an account.

Lewis Seamons

Lewis Seamons

Tech Team, Technician

Lewis started with Tropical Business Solutions back in 2011 as a school based apprentice.

We loved his work early on and offered him a job while he completed university and he is now a valued full time member of the Tropical team. Lewis continues to train and further his technical skill through university and real world experience.

Favourite thing to do in your off hours? Relax and play computer games.

Cat or Dog? Dog

Greatest Achievement? Darwin to Mandorah bike ride (150Km in 5 hours)

You win a million dollars, what do you do now? Buy a small house, share a bit with friends and family / donate . Place the rest in the bank for later on in life.

Kylie Reid

Kylie Reid

Admin Team, Bookkeeper

Kylie is a skilled bookkeeper and admin officer. Kylie has worked in Admin type roles for over 11 years, and completed her Cert IV in Financial Services in 2012.

Kylie has assisted clients with her financial services skill base across construction, builders, residential and civil works plumbers, upholsters, Tupperware, Fitness, mechanical and a number of other industries.

Favourite thing to do in your off hours? Found a new love in camping with the family this year.

Cat or Dog? Definitely dog.

Greatest Achievement? Keeping my kids alive each and every day!!

You win a million dollars, what do you do now? Buy a caravan and travel Oz with the family for a year or two.

Tropical Crew

Tropical Business Solutions Staff Photo 2014

"Tropical Family, July 2014"